Another great example of the use of technology to complement medical professionals' expertise and skills.

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust has launched an appeal for the purchase of a surgical robot to assist surgeons operating on a wide range of conditions, including those involving ENT, urology, gynaecology and the gastrointestinal tract.

Surgeons using robotic surgery technology control a computer-enhanced robot which mimics their hand and wrist movements and allows incisions, which are much smaller than those made without surgical robots, to be made with extreme precision. It also provides surgeons with a large 3D view which allows procedures to be performed with enhanced vision, greater precision, flexibility, and control. The end result is a much improved patient experience with lower risks of complications, reduced scarring, a faster recovery time and earlier discharge home. 

An example of the benefits of surgical robots was set out by Ms Ekpemi Irune, ENT, Head & Neck Consultant at Addenbrooke’s, who noted that conventional surgery for tumours at the back of the mouth or throat would require splitting of the jaw. A surgical robot would allow access through the mouth with precision.