Dr Jane Barton, dubbed Dr Opiate, was held responsible for policies which led to the deaths of hundreds of patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital while she worked there between 1988 and 2000. 

An independent police investigation was launched after a panel report, released in 2018, found there had been a "disregard for human life" at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire. The report also said patients who were viewed as a 'nuisance' were given drugs on syringe drivers filled with opiates which killed them within days of their admittance into the hospital. 

The report concluded that there was an "institutionalised regime of prescribing and administering 'dangerous doses' of a hazardous combination of medication not clinically indicated or justified". 

Police are now looking into 15,000 deaths at a single hospital after a probe found that hundreds of patients had their lives shortened through the use of opioids. Police officers are reviewing millions of pages of documents including 15,000 death certificates and 700 patient records.